UFC Norfolk: Poirier Gains a Massive Victory as Injured Pettis Taps Out

UFC Norfolk

Poirier vs. Pettis just came to an end at UFC Norfolk and what a bloody brawl that was. The end of the fight, though a bit confusing, gave Dustin Poirier the must deserved victory over the former lightweight champion. I am not exactly sure what led Anthony Pettis to tap out at the mount. A broken rib or a spinal injury is my best guess here. Nevertheless, it was a great fight and Poirier just made himself a dominant contender in the lightweight division.

How it went down?

It was a dominant performance by Poirier at UFC Norfolk from the very beginning of the fight. Pettis had his moments, but it just wasn’t his night. The massive scramble they both had was an absolute delight to watch for all fight fans. The flurry of punches that opened Pettis up in the first round made it worse for him in the second.

During the second round, Pettis was fighting on his back with blood rushing all over his eyes. For a moment, Pettis was fighting completely blind trying to escape the ground-and-pound of Poirier. This made the referee call in the physician to have a look at him in the middle of the fight. By the end of the second round, Pettis was opened up pretty bad but he was still in the fight.

The ground-level scramble continued in the third round. Poirier gained a dominant position easily. Pettis was scrambling pretty hard trying the escape the mount. Just when Poirier got the full mount, Pettis tapped all of a sudden much to the confusion of all fans.

Pettis is not the one to give up a fight that easy. A broken rib is the mostly likely suspect here. This is the second time ever that Pettis has been finished in a fight. Let’s hope this injury is not a serious one.

What’s next?

Poirier’s victory at UFC Norfolk just made the lightweight division even more interesting. The lightweight division is one of the most stacked division in the UFC right now. In his post-fight interview, Poirier spared no time in calling out the winner of Justin Gaethje vs. Eddie Alvarez. His past fight with Alvarez ended in a disqualification no contest.

It’s high time that Dustin Poirier climbed the big leagues of the lightweight division. With Conor McGregor’s long absence, the lightweight division is getting stacked already. Tony Ferguson has the interim title now. But a lot of other contenders are preparing themselves to have a shot at the title. Khabib, Gaethje, Barboza, and Alvarez are all in the contention lineup. Let’s see how this all pans out.

As for Pettis is concerned, he must reinvent himself in a big way. He has lost 5 of his last 7 fights. A misadventure to the featherweight division only made things worse for the former champion. Though he is down at the moment, I am not completely ruling him out yet. Pettis is a great fighter, and he definitely has what it takes to make a strong comeback. At the moment, though, he can only be a gatekeeper for the lightweight division.